Top 10 Cosmetic Packaging Ideas for 2023 (Increase Your Sales) (2023)

Creating new cosmetic packaging ideas for your business is quite an interesting process. Many people get stuck in the brainstorming phase without being able to come up with a good idea.

However, there are ways to ensure you're going down the right path when creating your packaging.

If you follow this process, you can be sure that you will come up with some amazing box design ideas. Here's an expert guide on how to do it.

Cosmetic packaging ideas for makeup companies

Companies in the cosmetics industry can benefit from thissmall business ideas for packaging. Because these ideas offer attractive and practical packaging solutions.

These ideas come in a variety of designs. Including custom solutions that provide an automated marketing tool for your business.

A person's decision to purchase a product is often made at the point of sale. And it can include factors such as packaging design, product information provided, color-coding, potential gift item status, and brand awareness that trigger consumer perceptions in favor of one product over another.

Therefore, meeting these factors can contribute to an emotionally satisfying experience for the customer when deciding whether or not to purchase your product.

This can increase sales by attracting more customers and improve profits by providing an attractive visual presentation on store shelves.

Do you have a cosmetics store? Are you trying to improve your brand packaging and labeling? Don't worry, we're here to help. We guide you through unique product packaging ideas. This way your business can grow in a better market.

1. Use custom cosmetic boxes

The cosmetics industry is a booming business with hundreds of thousands of products from established and emerging brands on the market. This diversity poses a problem for many companies: How do you differentiate your brand from all the others?

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To stand out from the crowd, companies can decide to use custom packaging boxes for their products. You can print with company logo and other marketing. And these boxes will help sales skyrocket.

Using cardboard boxes isn't just a great way to increase profits. It's also a smart way to ensure your product doesn't get lost in the clutter while trying to get your deal off the ground.

Improving your packaging can be incredibly beneficial to your marketing efforts. As well as a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your operation.

2. Use labels and stickers

Just like you put it togetherretail boxescan have a major impact on the perceived value of your products. And your beauty brand as a whole. One of the most popular cosmetic packaging ideas is to use labels and stickers.

It's an oldie, but a goodie. And it is relevant to this day. So don't think that just because you're a small business, you can't innovate with your packaging ideas.

Labels and stickers are effective because they allow you to place detailed information about your specific makeup formula or product on the actual packaging.

These types of additional details can really help your cosmetics company stand out from competitors who may not offer this amount of information or detail about their products.

3. Use decorative additions

So you work in the cosmetics industry. You want to be able to sell your products at a higher price... but how can you justify that higher price? You need to make your customers feel like they are getting more for their money!

The answer is simple: plugins. Decorative additions to your packaging are an easy way to give your customers a sense of added value and luxury.

How it works: You place your product in a box decorated with ribbons, bows or other colorful and festive accessories. The effect can be felt immediately: Your customer now knows that they are receiving an attractive gift.

And you won't feel ripped off by the price. Plus, it will make people feel like your company really cares about them and not just making money.


Some companies are already doing this with their lip gloss boxes. Includes a personalized gift box with a bow, a surprise gift card and a full size lip gloss that comes in its own tube with a bow on top!

Imagine how much more likely customers are to spend on that lip gloss when they feel that extra effort has gone into providing them with an experience, not just another product.

4. Play with original colors and graphics

The use of funky illustrations and colors is also one of the most ideal.Skin care packaging ideas. This technique is a great way to attract more customers. Customers are becoming more aware of what they buy and how they buy it.

Adding original graphics and colors to your makeup packaging will help create an image for your brand. This way customers know what kind of products you are selling just by looking at your packaging.

You can also use original artwork on makeup boxes for marketing purposes. You can use these boxes as gifts on special occasions or as a gift in exchange for customer feedback.

Your customers also give these boxes away for birthdays or anniversaries. You can also use them as birthday gifts for your employees or colleagues.

These boxes give them many opportunities to use them in different ways. Therefore, they are an excellent option for companies that want to make their brand stand out in the market. And get an idea.

5. Get help with hot stamping

Another of the best cosmetic packaging ideas is to use hot stamping. Hot stamping is a technique for printing designs onto paper or other surfaces using a heated metal stamp and ink pad. It is commonly used in packaging such as CDs, cosmetics, and food packaging.

It's important to keep your target audience in mind when adopting an idea. And hot stamping is great because it's attractive to look at, yet inexpensive.

When the light hits it right, you can practically see the letters and designs on the makeup packaging glow, it's almost like magic.

Colors are bright and clear, and designs are crisp and look premium. It definitely adds some elegance to any makeup product.


So if you run a makeup business, hot stamping can increase the appeal of your products by adding unique, attention-grabbing designs. It can also help you make a lasting impression on potential consumers.

There are tons of ways to hot stamp your makeup boxes. Therefore, we encourage you to think outside the box (before and after hot stamping).

Other best cosmetic packaging ideas

6. USA Paper Kraft

The idea behind the kraft paper packaging is simple. You take a sturdy piece of kraft paper. Wrap it around your makeup case with some pretty twine or twine and you're done.

You have a super stylish pack that looks like you spent hours thinking about it, but it actually took less than 5 minutes to put together.

The look is both fun and professional. And it makes your product look like it comes from a luxury brand without the hassle and expense of redesigning your entire cosmetics line.

7. Pack make-up in bags and suitcases

A makeup bag is a type of bag that holds cosmetic products such as lipstick, makeup brushes, eye shadow, blush, powder, foundation and many others.

Most people use it for travel because it's easy to take with you everywhere. Today, this trend is being embraced by many cosmetics companies because they understand the importance of personalizing their packaging.

8. Use magnetic closure boxes

Magnetic lock boxes are what you would expect. They are boxes with a magnetic tape on the side to close the box. These boxes have a variety of uses for cosmetic packaging design.

But one of the most important is that they make it easy for the customer to open and close the packaging themselves. These fancy designsThe cosmetics boxThey are perfect for makeup companies.

That's because they allow customers to checkout and try out their products with ease. That way they can see how they like it before committing!

9. Display makeup products with flowers

Displaying makeup products with flowers is one of the best ways to grab customers' attention as it connects them emotionally with nature. The color of the flowers can also enhance or complement a product's packaging.

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10. Use boxes with windows

New packaging trends have opened up a whole world of possibilities for cosmetics companies.

Businesses can now use fully customizable boxes with windows that allow their customers to see exactly what they're getting before they open their purchase.

So whether they want to know exactly how much blush is left in their gloss kit or whether the lip gloss is as red as it looks on the pack, they can see for themselves.


Ultimately, we hope the value of this article is the inspiration you need to someday start designing your cosmetics packaging.

Cosmetic packaging ideas are incredibly important to the success of your new product and must be created with a thorough and consistent plan throughout your R&D process. EliteCustomBoxes ® can definitely help you achieve these goals.

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