The 3 Best Self Tanning Brushes 2022 – Great Looking Tan (2023)

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For most self-tanners at home, their tanning tool is a tanning mitt. Yes, tanning mitts have been a great help in preventing hands from turning bright orange, but are they really the best tool to use?

If you want to give yourself that perfectly balanced and polished self-tanner at home, you should definitely consider using a self-tanning brush.

Self-tanning brushes keep your hands free from self-tanning lotion without turning them orange, and the brushes help you apply your self-tanning product carefully and gently, giving you an incredibly natural glow.

A self-tanning brush could completely change the way you view self-tanner at home. Here's everything you need to know about using a self-tanning brush and which ones are the best to use!

What is a self tanning brush?

A self tanning brush is a simple yet highly effective self tanning accessory. They have been expertly designed to be super soft yet long lasting hair that can be used over and over again with a wide range of texturizing products including creams, powders, mousses and lotions.

Self tanning brushes are washable and long lasting.Due to their tough yet soft bristles, self tanning brushes are able to apply self tanning lotion deeper into the epidermis, giving you a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan.

They also give you the opportunity to properly buff and apply tanning lotion in small circular motions, ultimately giving you the most natural-looking tan possible.

How to use a self tanning brush

A self tanning brush is wonderfully easy to use. There are no hidden tricks you need to know to use your self tanning brush, it's quite simple. Most of us have also practiced the technique used, using makeup brushes to apply foundation and foundation, it's almost the same.

Here's how you should use a self-tanning brush to achieve a flawless, sunless tan:


As with any self-tanner, you must prepare your skin beforehand. Without doing this, you'll end up with a patchy, uneven tan no matter what tool you use.

to shave -Remove hair from the areas where you will apply the self-tanner. This allows the product to be better absorbed into the skin without hair interfering with the even application of the product.

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naked -Peelingit's so incredibly important. You should exfoliate your skin the day before your self-tanner, focusing on drier areas like knees and elbows. Drier areas tend to absorb more lotion, which can make drier areas darker and more blotchy. Once you've exfoliated your skin to create an even canvas, consider applying a light moisturizer to give it a little extra moisture.

Choose your product -The right self-tanner for you depends entirely on your personal preferences. When using a self-tanning brush, lotions, creams, and mousses work best for the best results.

With the brush -Apply a small amount of self-tanner to your brush and apply the self-tanner to your skin in a circular motion. Start with the feet and work your way up the body. You will need to use a spray tan or the help of a friend to get to your back.

match it -Once you have applied the self-tanner to the areas of your feet, ankles, wrists, knees, and elbows, dry them with a damp cloth. This prevents drier areas from darkening more than the rest of your body. You should also use the self-tan brush to create an even blend around your hairline and brows, and to apply a small amount of self-tan to your ears and neck.

Let absorb -Check the exposure time of the self-tanner you use. Let it act for the recommended time and avoid water or activities that can make you sweat. Water or sweat can interfere with development and cause an uneven tan.

maintenance -Moisturize your skin regularly once your self-tanner has developed. Moisturizing at least once a day will keep your skin healthy by protecting it from the drying of the ingredients used in self-tanning products, and extra hydration will give your skin a wonderful glow.

The best self-tanning brushes

The following three self tanning brushes are some of the best on the market. Not only do they help you blend your self-tan evenly, but they can also be used for makeup!

The best self-tanning brushes are:

  1. Cool Sunless Tan Kabuki Body Brush
  2. Bare Minerals Deluxe Tanning Brush
  3. Beauty By Earth Blending-Pinsel

1.Cool Sunless Tan Kabuki Body Brush

Check the current price on Amazon.

The 3 Best Self Tanning Brushes 2022 – Great Looking Tan (1)

This is the ultimate self tanning brush that is soft, smooth, and super effective.

Super soft bristles complete this vegan kabuki brush with a sustainable bamboo handle. Organic and sustainable, this is the perfect brush for those who are conscious of the environment but still want a perfect tan without the sun.

The brush is easy to hold with a chunky handle, yet moves easily to evenly distribute self-tanner.

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The product can be applied directly to the brush and gently swept and buffed over the skin for flawless results.

The larger brush head allows for a more even application, so your self-tanning product lasts longer than before. Not only will you get a natural-looking tan, but you'll also save money by not using as much product with each application.

For the most luxurious, even and flawless sunless tan, you can't go wrong with the Coola Kabuki Self Tanning Brush. It will be your new favorite tanning accessory in no time!

2.Bareminerals Deluxe Tanning Brush

The 3 Best Self Tanning Brushes 2022 – Great Looking Tan (2)

Check the current price on Amazon.

The Bareminerals Deluxe Tanning Brush was designed to make the self-tanning process much easier.

The larger surface area of ​​the brush allows you to use it anywhere, even on the largest areas of your body.

Because the bristles of the brush are flat, they blend the self-tanner evenly into the skin for a flawless finish. The short handle is easy to hold and maneuver for the best possible results.

The length of the brush is 3 ¼ inches with a bristle length of 1 inch with a diameter of 2 inches.

Due to the larger diameter of the brush, you will use less product during your self-tanning session as the brush distributes the product evenly over a larger area.

The soft, densely packed bristles help you achieve that perfect tan time after time, without streaks or streaks.

The Bareminerals Deluxe Tanning Brush is just what you need to enhance your self-tanning experience!

3. Beauty by Earth Blending Brush

The 3 Best Self Tanning Brushes 2022 – Great Looking Tan (3)

Check the current price on Amazon.

This blending brush is offered byOne of my absolute favorite self tanners.. Beauty By Earth is vegan and has not been tested on animals.

This tanning brush has been specially formulated to work with a range of self tanning products including self tanning lotion, tanning spray, self tanning mousse and self tanning drops.

I love how soft these bristles are. They don't absorb product so you can get the most out of your self-tanner.

It's perfect to use on both the face and body, making it truly the only brush you'll ever need. It even works withSelf-tanning sprays like this one from St. Tropez.

For which products are self-tanning brushes suitable?

Self-tanning brushes are suitable for certain types of self-tanning products. For best possible results, use any of the self tanning products listed below with a self tanning brush.

mousse-self-tanning mousseshelp give you the most beautiful, deepest, darkest and richest tone. Using a self-tanning brush as a mousse is ideal. Mousse tends to be thicker than a cream or lotion, but it can also be light and airy.

A self-tanning brush will help to even out the mousse on the skin, distributing it evenly and smoothing it over the skin to the right thickness. It also helps the mousse penetrate deeper into the skin for a darker tan.

lotion -Lotion is one of the obvious choices when using a self-tanning brush. The brush will apply the lotion evenly to the skin, smoothing it out to give it an even glow.

Due to the lightness of the lotion, using a self-tanning brush helps it penetrate deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting tan. Using a self-tanning lotion on your face is also the best option, and a brush will help you create an even, sunless tan on your facial skin by properly applying the lotion to the little nooks and crannies.

Fog -Self-tanning mists still need to be applied to the skin. If you just spray the spray and leave it at that, you will be sorely disappointed with a very streaky tan.

Once you have sprayed the mist onto your skin, use the self tanning brush to massage it evenly into your skin. This helps to smoothly cover the skin and properly apply the self-tanner for the best results.

Spray tan -If you're brave enough to spray tan at home, you'll need the help of a self-tanning brush to smooth out the tan in those stubborn areas that are often overlooked.

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When tanning your face, you should gently apply the spray bronzer to your nose, hairline, cheeks, and eyebrows for a more natural looking tan.

tanning foam -Self-tanning mousses are nice to use. They are very light and spread smoothly on the skin. A self-tanning brush allows you to spread the product further, so you use less self-tanning mousse when applying.

Due to the almost runny feel of the bronzing mousse, it works wonderfully with the bronzing brush and doesn't dry out before you can evenly apply it to your skin. Self-tanning mousses are also great for moisturizing your skin and giving it extra nourishment to prevent it from drying out.

When to use a brush and not a glove

Many of us are used to using a self-tanning mitt. They give our hands some much-needed protection (who wants bright orange palms?) and help evenly rub the self-tanning lotion into the skin.

The problem is when you need to apply a self-tanning lotion to your ankles, hands, wrists, and the balls of your feet. Self-tanning mitts tend to be bulky and don't help evenly blend the self-tanning lotion into the smallest crevices and spaces.

So while a self-tanning mitt is great for larger areas like your back and stomach, it lacks effectiveness for more sensitive areas of the body.

Self tanning brushes are perfect to use all over the body.They may take a little longer to blend over larger areas, but it's worth it by giving you a deeper, even tone that is often very difficult to achieve.

You can use the same brush for your entire body, including smaller areas, without worrying about switching between different tools for different areas.

Self-tanning brushes are also great for the face., just as you would use a makeup or foundation brush. Getting an even complexion on your face is very important for a natural-looking tan, and a self-tanning brush is the best way to achieve this.

However, if you prefer to use a self-tanning mitt for your arms, back, stomach, and legs, you can switch to a self-tanning brush for smaller, hard-to-blend areas. This improves the appearance of your tan while keeping exposure time short.

Related questions

Should lotion be applied before self-tanner?

It's a great ideamoisturize before self tanning, but not immediately before the application. If you tan in the afternoon, remember to hydrate in the morning. Apply a light layer of moisturizer all over the body, concentrating on the driest areas of skin.

Can self-tanner be left on longer than recommended?

Self-tanners take a few hours to turn one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Each product has a different development time, so be sure to check before using.

If you wash off your self-tanner before the required exposure time, you'll end up with a very light or streaky tan. Leaving the self-tanner on longer than recommended will give you a darker tan, but you risk making certain areas darker than others.

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self tanning brushes

You'll thank the self-tanning gods the day you decide to use a self-tanning brush for the first time. They simply provide the most flawless tan and give you the opportunity to properly buff and work the self-tanning product into your skin.

Self-tanning brushes are the answer to getting a proper, even tan on hard-to-perfect areas like hands, feet, wrists, and ankles. You'll get an even, smooth, natural-looking tan without the hassle we associate with home self-tanners.

Try any of the three self-tanning brushes mentioned above and get that summer glow you deserve, all from the comfort of your own home!


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