Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (2023)

The Domino's NHS discount gives you 50% off all pizza orders. Enjoy it!

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (1)

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Instead of searching the web for a Domino discount code that doesn't work, get a guaranteed 50% discount when you work for the NHS.

When you don't feel like cooking or need a tasty treat, a half-price pizza from Domino's is the winner.

Plus, it tastes so much better when you know you ate it for half the price.

Enjoy the pizza and thank you.

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How to get a Domino's NHS discount

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (2)

Whether you have a clinical or non-clinical role, all NHS workers can save money and get 50% off Domino's Pizza.

To receive the NHS discount, you must present a valid ID when paying for your order.

This means you order your pick up and you don't have to ask for delivery as you have to pay for your order at the restaurant.

To be clear, you cannot pay online or over the phone. You need to pay for the order yourself at your local store to get your half price order.

Do all stores offer the discount?

All shops must offer the NHS discount on pizza orders.

Domino's restaurants are franchised and are all run individually, so you may have seen different promotions and offers at some restaurants.

However, the 50% discount is something that all restaurants offer for bulk orders for NHS workers.

To be on the safe side, you can always check with your local store when you call to place an order to verify with them directly.

Does the NHS discount apply to pages?

Domino's list is for pizza.

You cannot use the discount on sides, sauces, beverages, or desserts.

Do I have to use Dominos coupon codes?

You do not need to provide a discount code or promo codes for the NHS discount.

The store will accept your valid NHS card to apply the discount to your pizza order.

Can I get a Dominos NHS discount on supplies?

I understand!

Going out to get a pizza can be a hassle.

You may be wondering how to order Domino's online with nhs discount, but the short answer is you can't.

Unfortunately, although you can't get a delivery with your NHS ID card, you do have another option.

If you have a Blue Light Card you can get a Dominos discount with their promotions.

find theDiscounts with the blue light cardMake a list to see if the membership is worth it.

Pizzas gratis de Dominos para trabajadores del NHS

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (3)

Domino's has given away 1,600,000 free pizza slices to the NHS and frontline workers since the pandemic began.

They have given away £4 million worth of food since 2020 in genuine thanks and appreciation for the continued hard work of NHS staff and frontline workers.

More Dominos Coupon Codes and Deals

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (4)

You may want to try other Domino's discount codes if you plan on getting a lot of pages or want to get delivery.

Here are some of your best options for saving money on your pizza delivery.

blue light card

The blue light card gives all rescue service workers, social welfare workers and the military access to attractive offers at Domino's. There are also thousands of other exclusive offers and discounts at retailers, service providers and restaurants.

There is a current Dominos promo code for 30% off deliveries (min order £20).

At least you know you're guaranteed to save money without having to search forever for another code.

The discount code also applies to sides like chicken tenders, pudding and other extras, as well as the delicious pizza.

Just lookHerefor more details about the Blue Light Card.

Dominos discount code - get one instantly

Every month you will find Domino's discount codes posted on their blog.

Check current promotional codes and latest offersHere.

Bank with revolution?

Banking with Revolut unlocks discounts when you pay with your card.

See your application for more details.

Get a free pizza

Sign up for the Skint List newsletterand get access to a £16 cashback offer for new Quidco customers.

So you make a purchase of at least £16 and receive a cashback voucher in your account within two weeks.

You also get the standard reimbursement rate.

However, remember that the refund does not work at the same time that you use another Domino coupon code.

Based in London or Yourshire? 50% discount with Tastecard

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (5)

To get oneFree 60-day trial of Tastecard here, then unlock thousands of offers when you eat out (or in)!

Tastecard offers 50% off deliveries at Domino's and Pizza Hut.

Unfortunately this only applies if you live in London or Yorkshire.

There is a £30 minimum order value valid for an online order only.

Únase al pase para niños

child passMembers receive discounts on Dominos pizza delivery.

You can start a trial with Kids Pass for £1 (but you'll certainly save a lot more).

The Kids Pass gives you access to family-oriented deals, deals and day trips.

Frequently asked questions about dominoes

Do coupon codes work with other promotions?

A Dominos discount code does not work with other offers such as Two for Tuesday or Deals Wizard.

You can check online before ordering if you can save more money with a discount code or your set offers.

How do you add Dominos coupon codes?

Place your order and proceed to pay. At the end of your order there is a field where you can enter your coupon code. Click Apply and it will show you how much you were able to reduce costs.

Does Domino's offer a student discount?

Yes, there is a special student discount at Dominos that can be accessed by ordering online through Student Beans or UniDays.

Can I get free delivery from Domino's?

Domino's offers free shipping on all orders. You can choose to have it delivered to you as soon as possible (they give you an estimated time) or you can specify a time.

What is my favorite pizza?

In case you're wondering, I like something spicy like Vulkan Vegi, or I'm tempted by Americano (but I like to add olives to it).

Macht Dominos Black Friday Deals?

We hope Domino's Black Friday 2021 deals are as good as they ever were.

For the past two years, they have been offering pizza orders at 50% off. The deal ran through Cyber ​​​​Monday.

Can you get Domino's on Deliveroo or Uber Eats?

Domino's handles your delivery and you can order through the Dominos website, by phone or through the Dominos app.

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (6)

More Tips for Saving at Domino's

A Dominos discount code is great for finding some of the best deals, but there are a few other ways to save more.

Go for large pizzas

If you get the largest pizza, you get the best overall value. You end up paying less per inch of pizza than if you order a small.

Plus, it's delicious to heat up as leftovers the next day, we promise!

go half and half

If you can't decide, try a half pizza instead of ordering two pizzas.

You get two flavors for less money than ordering two.

Look for local deals

Did you get another menu delivered?

You can find Domino's discount codes or a deal in the brochure or call the restaurant for secret codes for your area.

Sign up for your newsletter

Dominos NHS Discount - Get 50% off anytime - Skint Dad (7)

They don't bombard you with marketing (so much!), but they do send you offers and updates.

When there's a big promotion, it's a great place to find it easily.

Follow social networks

Go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and follow Dominos to keep up with other discounts they may be offering as well as giveaways.

cheaper alternatives

You could throw away all the dominoes and get a cheaper meal deal at a supermarket:

Cooperative Pizza Deal– £5 for two pizzas and four beers

Tesco deal for pizza plates– £10 for two pizzas, two sides and a sauce stacker

Asda pizza range– £5 for two pizzas, a bottle of drink and a movie voucher

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How do I get NHS 50 off Dominos? ›

Just remember when you head in to your local store to present your Blue Light Card and you will receive a half price discount on any collection order. Along with our Domino's 50% off NHS discount, we also have a selection of deals and voucher codes that are valid for anyone in the mood for an unbeatable takeaway.

How do you claim NHS discount at Dominos? ›

Once you have signed up, simply sign in to your account on the Health Service Discounts website and search for the Domino's NHS Discount Code you are looking for. 3. After you have found the code you wish to use, simply click “Get Code”.

Do NHS staff get discount at Dominos? ›

Dominos NHS Discount Pizza Deals – 35% off. Use the discount code to save online. This will save you a huge 35% discount when you spend £40 or more online. Offer ends 1st March 2023.

Can family use NHS discount? ›

Family of NHS Staff

Family and friends can claim some of our discounts too. Please select 'Family or Friend' on the registration form.

How long is Dominos 50% off? ›

The offer will last until mid June.

Domino's wants fans to live their best summer life and leave the oven mitts off for the week with its 50% off pizza deal. From now through June 12, 2022, the pizza company is offering fans 50% off all menu-priced pies.

Does Dominos give 50% off on first order? ›

New users get flat 50% off up to Rs 100 on the first order at Dominos. The only catch is you must have 1 core pizza as a part of the order. There is no minimum value.

How do I use my NHS discount online? ›

How do I redeem an NHS discount? Once you've found a deal that you want to use, click on the 'Get Deal' button. 'Get Deal' will take you directly to the brand's website to make your purchase and the prices shown will include the discount.

How do you use 50 off Dominos app? ›

Domino's 50% off deal is automatically applied at checkout and is available on pizzas ordered through one of the following: Domino's website ( Domino's ordering apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

What proof do you need for NHS discount? ›

Show your NHS ID at any branch

To claim the discount, show your NHS ID in any branch.

What can NHS staff get discounts on? ›

Grab some Discounts!

The Blue Light Card - - Access to exclusive discounts such as 10% off at Asda (now extended until 31st March 2023!), discounts on Virgin Experience days, discounts on a range of everyday essentials including RAC, Sky TV and more!

What perks do NHS workers get? ›

Access to a huge range of NHS discounts and healthcare staff benefits, from money saving deals and vouchers, including travel and holiday deals, top hotel discounts, relaxing airport lounge and airport parking discounts, mouth-watering restaurant deals, money off fashion fixes, through to deals on mobile phones, ...

Do NHS professionals get discounts? ›

Employee Discount Schemes:

Blue Light Card – A discount service which provides members with access to over 15,000 discounts online and on the high street. Health Service Discounts – Exclusive discounts, cashback, and vouchers for NHS & healthcare workers.

How do I redeem my Dominos free pizza code? ›

Domino's Cares
  1. Select a featured offer on the homepage, or.
  2. Click the Coupons link at the top of the page to find current coupons and offers, or.
  3. Click the 'Enter Code' link on the Coupons page and manually enter a valid promotion code.

How do I activate my Dominos promo code? ›

How to Redeem
  1. Place Order. To redeem an e-Voucher, you need to be on your mobile. ...
  2. Payment Method. Proceed to payment, select Voucher/Gift Card option, and click on Redeem.
  3. Voucher/Card Details. Enter your Voucher/Gift Card number & PIN/OTP.
  4. Make Payment. Click on 'Make Payment' and pay the balance (if any) using cash.

How do I redeem my dominos vaccine? ›

To redeem your Domino's offer, there are only three simple steps that you need to follow.
These steps are as below:
  1. Head over to any Domino's Pizza Malaysia store.
  2. Show your Vaccination Status found in your MySejahtera app to the cashier at the store.
  3. Enjoy your vaccination deal.
Aug 27, 2021

Is Dominos 50% off on Mondays? ›

Domino's is officially giving 50% off pizzas every Monday when you order online. Just be sure to use the code MON50P at checkout!

How do you use 49% off Dominos? ›

From now through May 23, 2021, you can get 49% off the menu price of any pizza, when you order online for car-side pickup. The only stipulation, beyond it being for that parking lot delivery drop-off, is that it's only valid between 4-9pm every day. By the way, Domino's is testing an all-new autonomous delivery.

How do you get 80% off at Dominos? ›

Order online Food from Dominos Pizza and Get Flat Rs. 80 on Off Your Orders. The minimum order value should be Rs. 400.


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