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Luxurious cosmetic packaging design that reflects beauty

Design solutions for cosmetic packaging | ZenpackName (3)

When it comes to luxury cosmetics packaging design, beauty is in the details. More than any other industry, makeup packaging design uses minimalist designs and graphics, premium materials, and special finishes. Each layer of material and texture adds to the experience, revealing a product that helps customers take care of themselves. Beauty packaging in particular should reflect the beauty of the products it contains. This is especially true for the customer who wants to purchase beautiful, carefully designed packaging that indicates the quality of the product it contains.

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At Zenpack we design cosmetic packaging to enhance your beauty product. We draw on our extensive library of materials and advanced printing technology for unique papers, substrates, and printing processes. We have experience in creatingpremium packaging solutionsfor store shelves and direct-to-consumer e-commerce. With any business model, our goal is to create packaging that enhances the product and creates a lasting connection with consumers.

The cosmetics industry is vast and competitive. Brands are born seemingly every day, and beauty products are everywhere. That's why the right packaging can make all the difference. Whether you're launching a new line of cosmetics or rebranding an existing product, we can help you find creative solutions to transform the shopping experience.

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Ready-to-use packaging of makeup and beauty products.

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The beauty industry requires diverse products for a wide range of customers. From glass bottles and paper boxes to plastic tubes and limited edition gift sets, we are able to design, produce and supply luxury cosmetic packaging on a large scale. There is a wide variety of products for each part of the body, each of which requires unique packaging to reach the customer immediately. Since Zenpack was founded asPremium packaging company., we have developed custom cosmetic packaging for established brands as well as new beauty pioneers.

Working closely with your brand, we analyze your target market to identify the best printing methods, graphics, and textures to capture their attention. We also consider sustainability initiatives and your bottom line, making sure to design bespoke beauty product packaging that meets your goals. In the end it is theunboxing experiencelights the way, from the sender's message to squeezing the dropper on a bottle.

At the hair care brandcrown affairThey approached us in 2019, they had a clear vision for their new product line. They were curious about specialty prints and textured papers, but weren't quite sure how to achieve the specific look they envisioned. They also had a variety of products, sometimes purchased individually and sometimes purchased together as a set. We work together to develop versatile packaging, deliver luxurious materials and refine the printing process for brand continuity and a special unboxing experience.

Our packaging design process for cosmetic products

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One size does not fit all

In a competitive cosmetic industry, a good product deserves personalized treatment. Long before design begins, we take a close look at your competitors and how you want to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. This may require extensive market research or minor changes to an existing plan. Too many makeup brands rush their products onto store shelves before fully understanding their own goals. We will meet with your company to find out how we can create packaging for cosmetic products that highlights the best qualities of your product.

Brand design for cosmetic packaging

At its core, Zenpack is a brand study. We believe that to create award-winning packaging, we must have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to create a brand and product from the ground up. We've done this before and we love helping others bring their ideas to the world. Wherever you are in the branding process, our design team will work with you on the graphics and messaging. At the same time, our static team will design custom makeup packaging for your products. Together with our materials sourcing team and project managers, we develop a cosmetics packaging strategy tailored to your brand.

A comprehensive cosmetic strategy

Project managers focus on production, fulfillment, and shipping depending on the destination of your product. The path from production to your customer's bag is never a straight line, so we focus on optimizing the path as much as possible. We'll help your team fill in the gaps, whether it's retail channel fulfillment, supply chain logistics, or eCommerce website design.

From design to distribution


Our design team draws on a wide range of expertise including creative strategy, construction engineering, graphic design, and copywriting. We have as much experience launching new cosmetic brands as we do designing packaging for established industry leaders. Bespoke beauty packaging that turns heads at Sephora requires a team of experienced designers. Learn more about our capabilities in ourlayout page.


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With offices in the US, Taiwan and China, our global network never sleeps. We strive to save time and money while producing practical and stylish cosmetic packaging. Our ISO certified manufacturing facilities follow strict quality control standards that result in beautiful cosmetic packaging. Take a closer look at ourspage manufacturingHere you will find information about our printing processes and a library of sustainable materials.


No cosmetic packaging strategy is complete without an efficient logistics plan. The design process only begins once we have discussed compliance and logistics with your team. How far do your products travel? Does your retail partner have strict channel compliance standards? Will bad weather be an important factor? How do these considerations affect the brand? Everything is connected in the global supply chain; That's why we design with the bestlogistics packaging solutionsin the head.

We make sure your brand stands out

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Zenpack's main inspiration for cosmetic packaging design: the unboxing experience. Even something that seems insignificant—shower gel shipping box, lip balm tube, face cream packet—can evoke a sense of luxury in your customers. Because beauty is interpreted by all five senses, we design packaging to create a multisensory experience. There are many ways to achieve this, including textured paper and specialty printing.

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Our innovative packaging design makes unpacking unforgettable. This creates a connection with your customer and communicates the quality of your brand. Consumers have millions of options in the beauty industry; Every detail we design in your packaging helps make that decision easier. In addition to standard beauty packaging containers, we specialize in sourcing unique papers and hard-to-find materials.

It is important to communicate a clear narrative from start to finish. When your brand tells a story through cosmetic packaging design, you have the opportunity to engage customers with an unforgettable experience. The story doesn't end with the outside of the packaging; Continue with each layer and unfold to reveal additional colors, messages, or accessories. Your product is the main character, the hero, shining amidst a meticulously designed world of packaging.

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Makeup packaging design case study.


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MakeupDrop has created an innovative product that helps consumers apply makeup with less waste than traditional brushes and sponges. While most cosmetic brands use folding boxes with fancy prints, foils or high quality papers, MakeupDrop needed a material that would allow the consumer to have a clear view of the product before making a decision.

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The cosmetic packaging design had to meet industry packaging standards to be suitable for retail and shelf display. Zenpack felt it was important to create an attractive visual effect on the packaging to immediately capture the attention of the customer in stores. PET was the solution, but the MakeupDrop applicator is made of medical-grade silicone, which tends to absorb odors. To avoid this, Zenpack developed a solution for obtaining low odor PET specifically for this project.

The final low-odour PET box clearly shows the product in scene and a high-quality UV print on the outer box indicates the luxurious cosmetic product inside. The PET box is robust, simple and clear, and is also recyclable. This cosmetic packaging design gives the shopper an unobstructed view of the MakeupDrop, giving them a glimpse of an inquisitive new product.

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