Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (2023)

Butler Diversiones Magical Midway

Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (1)

carnival schedule

opening day

    Thursday, August 4th
    Children's carnival opens at noon
    Main carnival opens at 3pm
August 4th to 8th and August 9th to 14th
Carnival opens at noon

Tickets and Wristbands

  • Carnival Pre-Sale COMBO
    Value $53 - Pre-Order Price $43

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (2)

    Good morning fair!Includes entrance to the fair, and a bracelet to ride all day through our spectacular carnival.
    Only available until August 3rd. *Check the security rules before buying tickets; refunds are not given.
  • Carnival pre-sale wristband ONLY
    Valor $ 35-40 -Pre-order price $30

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (3)

    Good any day of the Fair! Includes an unlimited travel wristband.Only available online. Does not include entrance to the Fair.
    *Consult the security regulations before purchasing tickets. Refunds are not granted.
  • Canival Bracelets Purchased at the Fair
    • Monday to Thursday: $35
      Friday to Sunday: $40
  • Appetizer
    • Tickets cost $1 each
      Each trip requires 3-7 tickets

tours 2022

  • Pole Position coasters
    • The Giant Pole Position Revolving Coaster is the Fabbri Group's first revolving coaster delivered to North America. This world-class Italian coaster is made up of three levels, with the top measuring 55 feet high. Each of the coaster's five cars is painted like a race car and seats four passengers. This is no ordinary roller coaster. The ride will also have additional sound effects to dramatize when the car takes a turn or gains elevation. Drivers hold on tight as the car gently climbs to the top, after a moment of anticipation, drivers experience a free fall as the car spins while maneuvering along the track. A superior roller coaster experience!

  • ferris wheel
    • A towering Butler Amusements tradition, the majestic Ferris Wheel dominates the Midway day and night, offering patrons a 100-foot panoramic view! Passengers sit in separate gondolas and are gently carried up, around and down again; a movement reminiscent of the wheel of fortune. The Ferris Wheel is a pleasant ride for the whole family.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (4)

  • Vertigo
    • The A.R.M Vertigo rises 30 meters high in the middle of the road and accommodates 24 passengers. Each seat accommodates two passengers who are secured by a lap restraint system. Once the ride starts, the entire hub rotates in a circular motion. Riders enjoy a rocking feel as the entire center lane slowly climbs to the top of the ride. Once the swing reaches the top, it begins to slowly swing downwards.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (5)

  • turbo speed
    • Not for the faint of heart. Pilots make a 70 mph 'spin' on the ends of a rotating arm that takes them 120 feet in the air and launches them towards the earth in an arc that generates forces 3 times greater than gravity. Features upside down free spin action.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (6)

  • swing the hellos
    • The German Wave Swinger is a work of art that combines the traditional swing with a splendid hand-painted landscape. The Wave Swinger slowly lifts passengers off the platform, then takes them on a smooth ride, tilting from side to side to add to the excitement. Its unusual size, unforgettable setting, lights, music and ride make the Wave Swinger a Butler Amusement classic.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (7)

  • investment
    • The Inversion has a passenger seat tripod that can accommodate a total of 12 passengers. The attraction's main arm swings from side to side like a pendulum, then pivots to flip riders fully and upside down. The inversion can reach a height of nearly 80 feet.

      (Video) State Of Decay Potential Home Sites | Trumbull County Fairgrounds | Carnival Base Location Guide

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (8)

  • Super shot
    • The world-class Super Shot Drop Tower is one of Butler Amusement's most popular attractions. Unlike any other ride in our midst, the Super Shot will bring a new dimension of excitement to carnival revelers. 12 passengers are loaded at each circular passenger station. Shoulder belts secure customers as they are gently lifted into the 90-foot tower. When the passenger station reaches the top, it is thrown into an accelerated freefall and passengers experience g-forces more than 3.5 times normal. Passengers are then cushioned by a magnetic braking system that stops the station before it reaches the base of the tower. The Super Shot is a spectacular and exciting addition to the Butler midway.

  • hawaiian express
    • This fast-paced tropical tour will leave visitors breathless. The entrance to an erupting volcano welcomes riders to a thrilling turnaround, traveling back and forth as they negotiate an undulating road. Its unusual size, unforgettable scenery, lights, music and action make it fun and exciting!

  • Zipper
    • The Zipper has been one of Midway's most recognizable rides for years, providing thrills for riders from teenagers to adults. There are more twists with the zipper than there is with a runaway top. As the cages that seat two passengers move up and down one arm of the tower, each cage rotates independently and the entire arm rotates as well. Three times the action, backed by spectacular lighting that keeps them coming back for more.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (9)

  • big carousel
    • For decades, audiences have marveled at the majesty of the beautifully crafted carousel. To witness the Grand Carousel is to see this piece of Americana in all its splendor. This 38-foot carousel features 36 jumping horses and 2 carriages. Parents and children create memories as they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (10)

  • encoder
    • Do a zigzag for fun in the Scrambler. The Scrambler has 12 seats each seating up to 3 people. The main frame pivots as each seat arm pivots independently, creating a fun flying sensation. The Scrambler also features luxury lighting and Ultra Lights programmed incandescent lights.

  • great fun house
    • This circus-themed funhouse will mesmerize patrons with its beautiful color-changing LED light show and freshly painted stage. Enjoy an upper deck view from the middle of the second floor after maneuvering the aerial tricks and swinging steps. With so many tricks to master, including a moving floor, treadmill, steps and awesome air vents, this funhouse will take days to master!

  • starship 3000
    • The midway lights and excitement literally blur as the Starship 3000 makes you lose your mind. Spinning at 24 RPM, the Starship 3000 uses centrifugal force to float passengers off the ground, giving them a feeling of weightlessness. All aboard this 45-person Starship 3000 for a wild ride.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (11)

  • eagle 16
  • (Video) Elko County Fairgrounds Carnival

      An American Midway staple, this 16-seat Ferris wheel has eight forward-facing cars with two passengers in each. It offers a smooth ride around the 360-degree vertical circle and an exhilarating view when riders rise above the ground and can see for miles.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (12)

  • crazy worm
    • The Wacky Worm roller coaster is designed for the whole family. This two-level family roller coaster is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the carnival. This brightly painted worm, surrounded by lights atop the flowers, makes an enchanting addition to the Midway.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (13)

  • Cobra
    • The Viper ride is another spectacular recent ride that Butler Amusements is bringing out this summer. A colossal ride with a bright green snake theme will take passengers on a dizzying ride. The large arm at the top of the ride tilts and pivots. At each end of the giant arm are two groups that support two-part seats that also rotate independently. The open-air design allows riders to experience spectacular turning views. The Viper seats 24 passengers and uses state-of-the-art shoulder bars.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (14)

  • orbiter
    • The Orbiter is a thrill ride for teens that features 4 swivel arms, each with three swivel seats. This made-in-Italy ride rotates riders until their seats are perpendicular to the ground, a spectacle day and night.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (15)

  • zombie carnival
    • Passengers are invited to board carriages that can accommodate two passengers at a time. As the operator begins the tour, passengers are swept along a winding trail that takes them into the mysteries of the Zombie Carnival. Complete darkness awaits passengers as their carriage navigates its twists and turns.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (16)

  • Carnaval
    • Celebrate one of America's brightest and boldest parties without having to travel far. Mardi Gras is a separate celebration of the famous New Orleans party. Two stories of thrilling mirror mazes, moving escalators, music and lights combine to create excitement, inside and out, day or night!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (17)

  • tilt a whirlpool
    • They go round and round and nobody knows where they stop! An old favorite that has thrilled and excited customers for generations, Tilt-A-Whirl is a whirlwind experience for teens and adults alike. Separate cars spin individually while the entire ride spins up, down and around!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (18)

  • slide verde
    • No midway carnival would be complete without a slide! Kids of all ages enjoy the thrill of this giant slide as they navigate the undulating path. Riders climb a ladder, getting higher and higher to the top of the slide, then laugh and squeal with delight as they navigate their way to the bottom.

      (Video) Carnival and Midway teardown time-lapse at 2021 Dodge County Fair

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (19)

  • wet boats
    • This kid-friendly tour features individual mini-bars that float in the water along a circular path. A great carnival ride for beginners!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (20)

  • Looney Tooter Trem
    • All aboard!! This fun, family-friendly train ride takes place in brightly colored cartoon carriages. Passengers board the train at the station and with lively music and stunning scenery, the journey begins around a circular track. Fun is in store for everyone at Tooter Looney.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (21)

  • pirate jet
    • The Pirate Jet is the first of its kind in the US. Passengers step aboard and join an armada of six pirate ships, each accommodating 4 children or 1 adult and 2 children per ship, as they smoothly revolve around a friendly central pirate character. Each ship rises and falls simulating a journey on the high seas!

  • tommy kangaroo
    • Experience the graceful, gentle stroll of a baby kangaroo carried safely in its mother's pouch. Four nannies welcome children and parents aboard for a carefree ride. Riders sit inside each kangaroo, and as the ride rotates, each kangaroo slowly rotates as well.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (22)

  • Selva prayed
    • Jumping Jungle Funhouse is a funhouse with a wild feel. Customers can enjoy jungle scenes while avoiding obstacles. Unusual sights and sounds combined with fun classic tricks make Jumping Jungle fun for the whole family. The beautiful landscaping and two stories of fun will please every fun house enthusiast.

  • pirate in the middle
    • The Pirates of the Midway Funhouse takes passengers on a swashbuckling adventure. This pirate-themed funhouse is an exciting journey through a maze of unusual sights and sounds! Inside and out, Pirates of the Midway is full of tricks and adventures, complete with music, lights and picturesque scenery!

  • big trucks
    • Bigfoot Trucks are an all-time favorite of kids with mini monster trucks. Children feel that they are driving on the track. Mom and Dad can even ride in the back!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (23)

  • flying kite
  • (Video) Time-lapse setting up the Midway and Carnival at 2019 Dodge County Fair

      The Kite Flyer is an unusual amusement ride where, instead of sitting down, passengers lie down on the board of colorful gliders. After passengers buckle up, the ride begins to spin and then rises into the air for an exhilarating sensation of flight before gently gliding back to Earth.

  • corona tiovivo
    • For decades, audiences have marveled at the majesty of the beautifully crafted carousel. To witness The Crown Merry Go Round is to see this piece of Americana in all its glory. This 30-foot American themed carousel features bouncy horses and 2 carriages. Parents and children create memories as they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (24)

  • quad bike racer
    • The Quad Runner is ideal for beginner riders. The improved four-wheelers hold two children each and travel in a circle.

  • helicopter hopper
    • Kids of all ages can spin and spin through the air like a daredevil helicopter. Chopper Hopper is a family-friendly ride and features eight cartoon-style helicopters. Each helicopter accommodates four passengers and is large enough to accommodate both children and adults. Helicopters fly up and down the center pole and pilots control the rotating action with the push of a button.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (25)

  • dizzy dragons
    • On Dizzy Dragon, four magical dragons welcome children and parents aboard for a carefree journey. Riders can move the ride at their own pace by turning a giant steering wheel inside the dragon's belly that spins and turns while the entire ride also turns. This tour is a great introduction for tour enthusiasts in training before getting on Tilt A Whirl.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (26)

  • jumping jumbo
    • Adding another touch of humor to Midway are our Jumpin Jumbos. This tableau of eight comical elephants rises into the air and gently descends as it rotates from a central turret.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (27)

  • fun jungle
    • Jumping Jungle Funhouse is a funhouse with a wild feel. Customers can enjoy jungle scenes while avoiding obstacles. Unusual sights and sounds combined with fun classic tricks make Jumping Jungle fun for the whole family. The beautiful landscaping and two stories of fun will please every fun house enthusiast.

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (28)

    General rules

    • People with plaster casts, pregnant women and people who are intoxicated are not allowed on the attractions.
    • Children under 36" tall cannot ride any rides and children between 36 and 48 inches tall can only ride select rides.
    • All riders must have a ride bracelet (if available) or carnival tickets. Tours require 3-5 tickets each.
    • Babies are not allowed on the tours.
    • Please note that there are height requirements on each trip and, in some cases, other restrictions; Specifically, seat moldings and shoulder harnesses determine who the ride can comfortably accommodate.

    Please check the security rules before purchasing tickets, there will be no refunds.

    Butler Amusement is dedicated to providing our customers with safe and enjoyable rides, delicious food and exciting gaming concessions, always of the highest quality and delivered with the best possible customer service. We strive to produce affordable family entertainment for our customers and consider it our privilege to provide attractions that will bring fun and joy to all ages.

    (Video) Time-lapse Carnival and Midway teardown at 2022 Dodge County Fair

    Carnival | Sonoma County Fairgrounds (29)

    2022 will be Butler Amusements' 52nd year of operations. The company remains committed to the original company motto, The Cleanest Show in the West. Throughout the company's existence since it was founded in 1970 by George Bud Butler, his wife Evelyn and their son Earl Butch, it has continued to provide the newest and most exciting rides and attractions available in the carnival industry. Customer safety and satisfaction have always been top considerations when purchasing new rides and attractions. This has helped us to provide the safest possible fun for Butler customers and to introduce a few new attractions each year. The carnival presentation always includes numerous features that provide a bright and colorful appearance, emphasizing a safe and customer-friendly environment.

    Butler Amusements is a family owned and operated business, building its amusement park over many years into one of the largest in the United States, thanks to the hard and dedicated work of the family and its employees. The fourth generation of Butlers are now actively involved in the company's operation.


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