10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (2023)


The scent is addicting. I say it without jokes. Scent can really tap into your emotions. The scent can make you feel more awake and relaxed. There are even studies showing that it can improve your memory. Aromatherapy session at exam time? 😉

"Scent therapy" isn't for everyone. Anyone suffering from hay fever will nod in agreement.Have you ever had a surprise bouquet of beautiful lilies only to sneeze like you're going to the Olympics? Has someone ever walked past you on the street or in a confined space like an airplane (true story!) only to reluctantly train for Olympic gold?

This is catch 22 of the fragrance.The scent is known to be includedAllergens and irritants. That sneeze you get after smelling something tasty — that's your nose's way of letting off the bits you don't like. He literally blows her away...or makes every effort to do so.

If you have a dry or sensitive skin type, or suffer from skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, eliminating allergens and irritants from your skin's diet is extremely beneficial.These skin types and skin conditions are prone to "acting out", prone to inflammation and very sensitive to ingredients that are not skin-identical.

Finding fragrance-free skincare products isn't as easy as it sounds. I want to make that job a little easier for you, which is why I've put together this ultimate list of the best fragrance-free skincare products. These fragrance-free skincare lines are the ones you can trust to always be fragrance-free. let's go, okay?

Have you ever seen a legal drama where something happened that was a little undercover but was still okay according to the wording of the law? These legal dramas love to embarrass us all, huh. Perhaps a murderer will confess his crimes to a wire-wearing friend only to have the recording barred in court for not consenting. Perhaps an employee was told that she could only go to work in heels, only to find that she had signed a contract.

Sometimes skincare claims can be a bit like that.Sometimes what words mean aren't really what they mean. confused right? #ExampleTime

Imagine your skin throwing a tantrum like a little kid and you're looking for skin care that's like clean food for your skin. You're at the drugstore looking for something soft, gentle, and fragrance-free. Then he sees exactly what he is looking for: That's what it says on the label. Unscented. You decide on this purely natural product and think yes, properly. You run to the box. Shop your new fragrance-free moisturizer. You don't even wait until you get home you are so eager to lather your face with something that will really help you find the next bathroom. I have you. You walk in, grab your new purchase, pop the lid and "POW"...wow, that smells strong!

But it said Fragrance Free, how come it still smells like there's fragrance in here?

That's THE legal catch, essential oils aren't technically fragrances because...They are not called "fragrance" but "essential oils".

Strange right? Because essential oils still perfume a product. You'll also find essential oils sometimes listed under the word "fragrance" or "perfume" in an ingredient list (then the company doesn't want you to know about their super-secret essential oil formula).

These facts leave us in a gray area. A space where something added to a product to give it a smell/flavor/fragrance can also be sold in a bottle that bills itself as unscented. Strange right?

That's it my friend, that's why I've put together this list of the best fragrance-free skincare products for you. Every skincare line I list below is 100% fragrance-free. That means free of fragrances, essential oils and perfume! I read those crazy ingredient lists so you don't have to.

Welcome to the city of fragrance-free skincare, my friend. These are brands you can trust to always be 100% fragrance free.

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Psst– This list has all kinds of fragrance-free skincare products you could want. We have drugstore unscented skincare, branded unscented skincare, natural unscented skincare and even cosmeceutical unscented skincare.

Don't forget to pin this page so you never stray from skincare solutions you can trust.

money is youYou are looking for... purse- and skin-friendly drugstore care, ideal for fragrance-free shower creams.

Cetaphil is a brand that might even be recommended to you by a doctor or dermatologist. They are very focused on healthy skin. The bottles don't look fancy but don't let that put you off as the Cetaphil range contains some great skin health ingredients. It's also very wallet-friendly.

Where to buy Cetaphil:Stiefel.

See the entire range in theCetaphil-Website.

10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (2)

money is youAre you looking for... Drugstore unscented skin care, very similar to Cetaphil but with some additional active ingredients such as ceramides, perfect for dry skin.

CeraVe is a ceramide-focused skincare line. Worth knowing about ceramides: They are identical to the skin. Your skin contains them naturally. Ceramides are excellent for improving the skin's barrier function. Just what you need if your skin is dry, sensitive or suffers from acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

Where to buy CeraVe:LookFantástico.

See the entire range in theCerave-Website.

Best product selection:pH balance for the skin.CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser.

money is youAre you looking for... a naturally based, fragrance-free skin care product perfect for sensitive skin or sensitive skin.

Okay, okay, it feels a little weird adding this to the list. I (!) stand behind Honesty's skin care products. 4 years ago I left my fast-paced professional job in research and development for a company whose products you probably use at home right now. I'm quitting because I'm like a two year old telling the truth and can't accept statements that aren't 100% honest. Claims like fragrance-free when there are essential oils in the bottle.

It really is extraordinarily difficult to find natural skin care products that are completely fragrance and essential oil free.

Ironically, huh, because most people turn to natural skincare because they want skincare that's gentle and skin-friendly. Some even turn to natural skin care after suddenly developing skin conditions like eczema or rosacea. They then use what looks like a Holy Grail solution, only to find that it actually irritates their skin even more.

Natural skin care can be a minefield for sensitive skin. I wanted to create a natural skincare option for people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions or just want to take better care of their skin's health.

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To update:Friend, I am very pleased to announce that honesty has now been awarded. Competed in the 2017 Free Skin Care Awards and not only won Silver in its category but also received the 2017 Free Achievement Award.

Where to buy honesty:ImmediatelyHere.

The most popular products:our honestyProtect nourishing cleansing balmpaired with oursSoothing face cream.

10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (3)10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (4)

PD.Get 10% off your first order with codewelcome mat. A hug of love from me to you.

money is youYou're looking for... unscented skincare whose primary goal is to soothe.

Have you heard of these guys? I love her. Mainly because they use a hefty dose of colloidal oatmeal in their products, which is the perfect companion for dry and sensitive skin. I love colloidal oatmeal here at Honourness, I even use it in our Honorness skincare range.

Reasons Sensitive Skin Loves Colloidal Oatmeal;

Where to buy Beauty First Aid:right in First Aid Beauty Websitesaw him Feel unique.

See the entire range in theFirst Aid Beauty Website.

Best product selection:Ultra Repair intensive moisturizing cream.

To update:First Aid Beauty has now added fragrance options to its skincare line. good news isThey're pretty easy to choose.Rest assured, your basic range is still fragrance-free.

money is youAre you looking for... results-oriented skin care with an anti-aging focus?

Paula Begoun, also known as "The Cosmetic Police", is the founder of Paula's Choice. I mean of course, huh. This woman started out selling well-known brands of skin care products, but she had that inner sinking feeling that I know well. She got it because she felt like she was selling people things that weren't really good for their skin. All of the skin care products you find at Paula's Choice are backed by rigorous scientific research. That means the ingredients are included because there's evidence they will benefit your skin, not because they make a good marketing story. Go to it!

Where to buy Paula's Choice: Directly from theThe website selected by Paula, saw him look amazing.

See the entire range in thePaulas Choice-Website.

money is youYou are looking for... Anti-aging care for mature skin.

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What a beautiful name, hm! Drunk Elephant is a new brand that launched in 2012 with a corresponding updated skin health ethos. Before I get into that spirit, I have to go back to that too cute for school name. I mean, you're probably wondering that too, aren't you? What the heck can a drunk elephant do to my skin? Why is it called Drunken Elephant?

Well my friend, here's the inside story. Drunk Elephant is nicknamed Drunk Elephant's Drunk Elephant because of his original hero productmarula facial oil. A product inspired by a well-believed myth: Elephants feed on the fruit of the Marula tree. And when all that fruit is fermented in their huge bellies, they end up with a barrel of fruit wine... and you can imagine where that's going, huh.

Drunk Elephant skincare is 100% fragrance and essential oil free. It has some fabulous active ingredients and combines them with some great naturals as well.

Where to buy Drunken Elephant:right indrunk elephantwebsite saw himSephora.

See the entire range in theDrunk Elephant Website.

money is youYou are looking for... a natural-based skincare product, perfect for super dry and eczema-prone skin.

It's a dream come true when I find skin care products that have me nodding at every ingredient on their list. It's something I spend hours doingRecommend skin carethat would be perfect for skin type 'x' and also ensures the health of your skin in the long term. Skin Fix makes me nod like one of those golden lucky cats.

Their ethos is all about being skin-friendly. They started years ago in the 1850s with a healing cream that was hand made and sold through a local Canadian pharmacy. It turned out to be a lion tamer for dry, sensitive, dermatitis and eczema-prone skin... the rest is history!

Where to buy Skin Fix:Stiefel.

See the entire range in theSkinfix-Website.

money is youYou are looking for... an over-the-counter skincare brand that can cover all skin types, not just sensitive and dry, but also oily and acne-prone skin.

You may be surprised to learn that many high-end over-the-counter brands also contain significant amounts of fragrance and essential oils. This is what makes Clinique different. Clinique is the over-the-counter skincare brand that you can rest assured is always 100% fragrance-free. It's kind of his catchphrase too ;).

Where to buy Clinque:Feel unique ÖStiefel.

See the entire range in theClinic website.

money is youAre you looking for... thin and light skincare (mostly oil-free) that focuses on plumping skin with moisture and science-backed ingredients?

Every Hylamide product contains a good dose of hyaluronic acid. This is an ingredient that occurs naturally in your skin. It's identical to skin and helps magnetize water, literally trapping it like super glue. All Hylamide formulations are designed to be lightweight and penetrate the skin as deeply as possible.

Where to buy Hylamid:right in Website about Hylamid.

(Video) Sensitive skin | Why does it happen | How to treat | Product to use | Dermatologist | Dr. Aanchal

See the entire range in theWebsite about Hylamid.

money is youYou are looking for... Fragrance-free skin care for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, brightening and protection.

Holynails was founded by a blogger named Chel. Through blogging, she discovered the world of skincare and a love of doing it herself (!). The frustrating thing about skincare (and I find it very frustrating too) is that most companies won't tell you how much of a particular ingredient is in the mix. Let's assume you've heard that niacinamide (aka vitamin B3) is great for treating hyperpigmentation and that it's more effective at 5%. Well, what you will find when you start looking for a skin care product that contains it is that you have no idea which one contains more. Oh true.

It's like forgoing the quantity button in a grocery store. I mean nobody wants just 1 grape...

Holynails skincare is 100% transparent on the ingredients and amounts in the bottle. #Alto5aEso

Where to buy Holynails:directly through theHoly Nails-Website.

See the entire range in theHoly Nails-Website.

10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (5)

Do you already use some of these 100% fragrance-free brands?Have you heard from everyone? I would love to know all about your skincare journey, tell me more below...

10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (6)

10 totally unscented skin care brands - for sensitive skin (7)

Cheryl Woodman MChem

Cheryl Woodman is oneScientist, skin health expert and award-winning skincare formulatorwho's more of a friend next door than the bow tie wearing professor. As the creator of Honesty For Your Skin, her goal is to help you have healthier, happier skin, feel good, confident, and like the amazing sauce you're in.Select the option that best describes your skin healthto see and hear the amazing transformations you could achieve.




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